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Sit with me for a few minutes. Even though my living room is small, there is room enough for you. My china cabinet--in this  photo--is in a corner, and at one time held my treasured old books. Presently those volumes are in my study where I write. My newest novel is The Language of Music, a book I began many years ago. 


Whenever I go to a library or bookstore, I search for the next good book.  After reading a few pages, I discover the mind and heart of the writer and know if I've found a new soul mate. The headmaster in the school where I taught said that an author's writing flows out of his thinking, his life experience. This is no less true of me and my writing, and I hope you'll love this latest novel and come to know me, the author, through its pages.


A former student asked if any of my characters were inspired by  my students. In this one, it was my husband who put the fire in me to create the male protagonist. And, on the cover of this book, his is the hand that is about to turn the music for the pianist. The impromptu photo shoot for this picture took place after a piano lesson. He likes to say, "I had a hand in that!"




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"Beautifully crafted characters, a hint of dark mystery, and a wonderfully satisfying end all woven together in a novel that will make you sigh when you turn the final page. Novel Rocket and I give it a hearty recommendation."


                 Ane Mulligan, President, Novel Rocket

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