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Book Release October 6!

Tough Butte

10,000 Miles of Copper Mine Tunnels

Second Largest Red-Light District In The West

Big-Money Entertainment From New York


Maximilian Strang lost his wife in the terrible Kenyon-Connell explosion, and he tries to numb his sorrow in the comfort of the elegant, but notorious Dumas Hotel. One of the most beautiful and seductive "ladies of the night," Giselle, has him contemplating marriage.

As owner of a Butte copper mine, Max learns of the tragic death of a young employee, and to stifle his finer feelings, seeks to deaden them in the questionable entertainment of the Theatre Comique. Hidden behind a screen in its upstairs balcony, he witnesses a fresh new act: a ballerina, Anna, who artfully expresses life and loveliness. Though she cannot see him, at the end of her dance she instinctively reaches her arms in his direction, drawing him warmly toward herself.

Lively and paradoxical, Butte gives inhabitants from its 50-some nationalities plenty of choice between virtue or wantonness. In this city of so many carnal delights, how will Maximilian choose to live?








"You have a beautiful, restrained, elegant voice that's perfect for a historical."   

                       Meg Moseley, author of When Sparrows Fall and Going South.

"Your development of interesting character, story  plot, depth of literature, philosophy and theology was that the book became an enchanting read."

                                      Terry Ensley, Ph.D.

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