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Tortoise and the Hare

Often, I feel chagrined by how slowly I write. Then I remember how my mother-in-law plodded through a project--slowly--but kept at it faithfully. Afterward, I was amazed at what she accomplished. With my writing I am slooow, but keep at it, like the tortoise in The Tortoise and the Hare. And we know how that story ended!


My daughter and her boyfriend planned to worship in our former church in Asheville. Since we moved when she was eleven, she wanted to make sure our former pastor was preaching, so she phoned beforehand. The minister's wife answered but didn't recognize our daughter's name. Trippy? Then she suddenly remembered and said she'd answered her husband's cell while he was driving--they were in Minnesota, visiting family. Besides being miles frm home, she hadn't expected a call from the distant past. But that's one characteristic I value in my daughter: If she thinks something needs to be done, she does it. She's got moxie!


Driving to a Critique Group meeting, I felt life coming at me in all directions. How could I lead our group in discussion, and bring "a word from God" to open our session? In desperation, I turned on the radio--for 30 seconds--and during those moments a man quoted Micah 6:8 "...And what does the LORD require of you..." I blanked out the next words, then heard, " walk humbly with your God." Ah! That was all I needed to do. Just walk humbly with my God. I immediately calmed.


On Memorial Day, my husband said, "Our God is a Warrior!" I was quiet, thinking what he might mean. Then he added, "Think about the time before earth was created when Satan was an angel of light but rebelled. God declared war and cast him and his legions of angels out of heaven. Later, 'in the fullness of time,' He defeated the devil for us when Jesus went to the cross and conquered death and hell. We have a Warrior God!"

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